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The works presented refer to intermediate situations or states between something from the past and something new, reached after a change. Around this premise, the work of 14 Latin American photographers who work in this medium from conceptual as well as documentary points of view have been selected.

The diversity of languages and interests of the photographers represented is not an attempt to show a homogeneous group. On the contrary, this exhibition intends to underline the plurality of styles and aesthetics that define today’s Latin American photography; exhibiting all its wealth and potential. Men whose identities are given back through clothing from the past and women who on undressing, can be seen with all their otherness. Metaphorical fables about the concept of death, avoiding commonplace topics. Tales of the passage from childhood to adolescence, recreations of encounters with those who are no longer here. Projects halfway between reality and fiction, and representations of emptiness and the spaces of power. Images that are born from texts and landscapes in a state of continual change caused by nature as well as humans. In this manner, under a common conceptual framework referred to in the title, the works move through conceptual, documentary and even performance initiatives. Ana Berruguete (Curator)

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