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Where can I download the Musguide APP?

    • The Musguide gallery can be downloaded from the stores. Musguide exhibitions are purchased in the portal (from the computer) and in the gallery (from your tablet or smartphone).

What contents can I access?

    • Musguide has agreements with the most important museums In Spain for you to access their important exhibitions. Soon this will be enlarged to International museums.
    • We have also designed interesting artistic tours so you can enjoy the art everybody wants to know about.

How does it work?

    • Download the gallery free from the store. Register in the gallery or from the portal. Purchase the exhibitions you want.

Do they have a limited life?

    • This is the great advantage of Musguide. An exhibition lasts forever. It will not depend on calendar dates. It is yours to keep.

How much does it cost?

    • Access to the Musguide portal is free.
    • Each exhibition or collection you want to download will be priced like any other APP.
    • Take note of our promotions and novelties, and you can gradually configure your own catalogue.


What is enhanced reality? How can I access it?

    • Enhanced reality will enable you enjoy a different experience when you are in the museum, in front of a work.
    • In Musguide, choose the enhanced reality tour and when you are in front of one of the works marked, focus the camera of your device onto it and begin to enjoy the information.
    • You can only access this when you are in front of the work; so it is an experience you can only enjoy in situ.

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