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Musguide Kids


Following there're a fun and educational tools to bring art and culture for all ages, including children and youth.

Each one of them has different goals and Musguide FotoARt and Musguide Ask are intended for institutions to use in their spaces.We offer different experiences to the usual!

If you have got interesting cultural contents and you want to help spread the art among the youth through the different applications that we have and offering different experiences, contact us and we will tell you how to participate in the project.


Musguide FotoARt
With this application and using augmented reality, any museum or institution may offer the visitors the opportunity to have a souvenir of their visit forever becoming a photograph next to a building or chosen character.

If you belong to a Museum or Institution, with Musguide FotoARt you could offer visitors a beautiful and original souvenir of your visit: photographed with a character and/or building can choose among several proposed by the same entity.
It's very easy: the person or group is placed in a specific space to be photographed and following the steps in our application the building or character chosen will appear to share this photo. 

The institution can always change or add the images to offer a wider range to choose from.
The picture can be printed on the spot or sent to the email address that the visitor wants to print.

This is an innovative experience with which it is achieved that:

  • The visitor can take a souvenir of his visit.
  • The institution may obtain additional income with little cost to the visitor.


If you are interested on this tool contact us

Musguide Ask 

Any cultural institution (museum, zoo, ...) can enter the content that you consider interesting, following a thematic route, giving visitors a greater incentive.
Teachers may introduce the topics they are studying in class and students will learn effortlessly and playing among them.

Musguide Ask is a mobile application for playing children and youth to learn and develop the teamwork. It enables cultural and educational institutions (museums, zoos, schools, ...) create content, with questions and answers adapted to the issues and ages that interest them. To be an innovative and useful tool in schools also create tracks on the proposed questions, to facilitate the answer and enhance learning, adapting to the needs of the contents of each course.

Once defined the questions and answers based on a thematic content, you can create games and teams participating with its components, and the created game can start.
The goal is for teams to continue, both in person and virtually, a space or route created by the institution in question and that, with tracks that are given, may be solving a series of questions related to the topic, so they can learn in a playful way.
The application allows you to view the ranking of the teams in each game and each team can see the medals he has achieved.

With Musguide Ask they will learn, playing with each other, collaborating and sharing experiences.
If you are interested on this tool contact us

Musguide Kids
Musguide Kids
Introduces children and youth in the world of art and culture through various educational games, so they can learn in a funny and entertaining way.
Musguide Kids is an application for children, youth and all who want to learn more things about art and culture can do so in an entertaining way, through different types of educational games. The contents are adapted to different levels of difficulty. And the user can choose which game you want to play, choose the content and level of difficulty they are best suited.

The different types of games that can be found are:

Puzzle. We must get to mount the image shown in the example that the user has chosen. Depending on the difficulty level is more or less dismantled parts.

Memorize and relate. To do couples that have equal relationship between them or couples who are in one way or another depending on the chosen content. Depending on the level of difficulty roughly couples appear to do. When finished, will be available additional information giving out of each couple.

Questions and answers. Having chosen a topic, you must answer the questions that appear on the screen. Aid will be available to consult.  

Games based on augmented reality. It has different attractive games such as kicking a ball to enter the Arc de Triomf, painting graffiti, reading a comic book of Gaudí, painting a dragon of Gaudí and then transform it into a video ...
Download the free application from here retocado

Play to TRIVIART with your friends and ... ¡discover who knows more about art!

TriviArt is an application that answering a series of questions of art of different periods allows you to play against each other.
is an application for all ages as there are questions of any difficulty level and may have different opponents.

The games are short and quick to play the maximum number of items with different people.

And who wins? The first player who gets the 5 characters of the 5 historical periods the questions are distributed.
And who makes the questions? This is where the interested person or entity can participate.

Whoever can add questions from the same application with which everyone can play. Once reviewed and approved, they will become part of the database.
Picking up the experience and knowledge of those who work with their questions get to have a great cultural game. 

The user can register with facebook or email and can choose the one you like icon representing your profile. You can also choose the language in which you want to play and may be different from that of his opponent in order to play with people from everywhere.

Download the free application from retocado  Download on the App Store Badge US-UK 135x40 0824 and begin TO PLAY!

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